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We Are A Reggio-Emilia Inspired Family of Schools, Serving Children From Infancy Through Elementary School

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At Journey School we believe in building and maintaining a strong sense of community. We encourage the active participation of families at our school and want to make sure they are comfortable within our community and our classrooms.

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All it takes to get started is an email or a phone call. Once you contact us for more information, you will be provided a Journey School Docent who will be your guide through the franchise process.

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Inspired by the world-renowned schools of Reggio-Emilia, Italy, and the values inherent to the Reggio-Emilia philosophy, Journey School offers families a loving, welcoming, community dedicated to encouraging children to pursue learning with an uncompromising spirit of joy and adventure.

Our approach is hands-on and multisensory!

Components which will be incorporated into our program include:

Classrooms that are beautiful, inspirational spaces

Children, family, teachers, parents, and community as interactive and collaborative

An awareness and appreciation of the natural world in which the environment is viewed as co-teacher

Opportunities for artistic expression in a variety of media

Documentation of children’s activities and exploration through a portfolio system

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Community Is Our Guiding

Community guides everything we do.

At Journey School, we believe in building and maintaining a strong sense of community.
We encourage the active participation of families and staff in all facets of life at Journey.
We truly live together in community as a school family.

There are many ways for families to be involved at school!


Journey School maintains an open-door policy and parents are welcome and invited to be on campus at any point during the day. Rather than a drop-off line, families walk children into the classrooms at the start of the day. Teachers and families are able to not only greet one another but share information and to plan for the day together.


Take-home meals offer opportunities to families to eat together rather than completing the dinner time chores.


Parent’s Night Out events and All-School Meet-Ups provide natural platforms for the creation of relationships between families and families and staff. There are also monthly committee meetings for interest-based groups on campus.


We come together as a whole school family to reflect on the year past and dream together for the year to come.

Parent Ambassador Program

Each classroom has a parent ambassador.

The parent ambassadors are involved in all aspects of the school community.

They host classroom events, participate in all-school meetups, plan and organize special events, offer advice and direction to the leadership team, maintain a benevolence fund, and generally are the pulse-keepers for the school.

Our Classes

Arts & Wellness

We believe there’s more to learning than memorization, At Journey School children Learn through non-traditional means




Infant Massage



Soccer Class




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